Widget as an extension for your own website

By using a widget you make your website smart and more interactive

Widgets? What does it mean?

The so-called widgets are interactive elements that appear on a website or on the home screen of the smartphone. This is the difference to an app. An app is a stand-alone program that opens in a new window, whereas the widget is directly integrated into and controlled by its environment. Website and Smartphone Users have the opportunity to use this widget and to interact with it. A simple example: On a news website, a news ticker is used primarily to keep interested parties up to date on current developments. The most popular widgets on a smartphone are the clock and weather indicator. Depending on the application and the industry, useful widgets can be found, with which the desired target group can be reached and animated to specific actions.

The word widget consists of the two English words window and gadget. The latter suggests that it must first be programmed. But no worry! Meanwhile, widgets are already available as finished programming code and only need to be connected to your own website. On the smartphone, they are easy to store on the home screen via the respective mobile phone settings.

Our Smart Widget

With our own smart widget, your website can be made even more interactive and equipped with app functions. In addition, it is automatically connected to the customer management system and you can select and reach not only one but also several website visitors. For example, you can integrate the messenger into your web presence and immediately address website visitors when they first visit your website. Anonymous Website Visitors can quickly be converted to loyal customers. In addition, users who access your website from their smartphone can immediately redirect to your app or PWA. Through the AppYourself Dashboard under the section Manage > Promo > Smart Website you have the possibility to connect the Smart Widget to your website or PWA. For more information, you can read our blog post on Smart Widget.

Smart Widget integration with other website builders

You want to use the Smart Widget, but have created your website with one of many website builders? No problem! This can be done with just a few clicks. In our knowledge base we have provided some support articles for integration with different providers:

WordPress Integration
Jimdo Integration
1&1 Integration



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