Why App Video Marketing Is So Important For Your App

Tips and Tricks for the App Video Marketing

App Video Marketing For Your App You have certainly invested a lot of time to create your app or to have it completely created by a provider. Now it is ready and can be found in the App Stores of Apple and Google. But the promised download numbers are not coming? Besides the well-known steps […]

App Submission to Apple and Google: Facts You need to know!

The App Submission requires some important steps in order to submit your app successfully

How An App Gets Into Both App Stores You might have wondered how your app gets into both App Stores? If you book the Business or Enterprise plan, we will take care of the app submission for you. In this article we would like to show you what is generally necessary to submit an app. […]

Your Restaurant App: Contactless Check In and Check Out via QR Code

Your Restaurant App helps you to offer a contactlessly check in and check out via QR Code

Record Guest Data Simply Contactlessly with Your Restaurant App Taverns, restaurants, bars, cafés – during Corona, the entire catering industry must collect the contact details of their guests and keep them for a few weeks. The reason for this is to be able to trace a possible chain of infection. In most cases, the catering […]

EU-US Data Privacy Shield: ECJ Declares Agreement as Invalid

The ECJ declares the EU-US Data Privacy Shield as invalid

The European Court of Justice has overturned the EU-US Data Privacy Shield. What are the implications for businesses? ECJ: EU-US Data Privacy Shield is Ineffective The ECJ (European Court of Justice) ruling breaks up an agreement between the EU and the US on the transfer, storage and processing of EU user data. The so-called EU-US […]

Digitalisation of Gastronomy: How Online Solutions Help Restaurateurs

The stamp card for the digitalisation of the gastronomy

Digitalisation of the gastronomy: now more important than ever! The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the prolonged lockdown. Restaurants are closed until mid-February 21 – whether this will change remains to be seen. As we all know, hope dies last. We also like to eat out and don’t want to see any restaurants […]

Gastronomy: Local Delivery Services are Popular With Guests

Local Delivery Services

Online Delivery Platforms In Trouble Despite large-scale marketing campaigns, the big online delivery platforms are not succeeding in becoming the top dog. This sounds somewhat incomprehensible at first, after all, the pandemic is proving to be a driver of online food orders and deliveries. A Bitkom study last year proved this. In this study, 53% […]

Digital customer card: customer loyalty simply via app

Die digitale Kundenkarte für noch mehr Kundenbindung via App

[mk_custom_box corner_radius=”5″ bg_color=”#ffd025″][vc_column_text css=”.vc_custom_1616159910239{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}”] Offer for you! Until 31.10.21 you will also receive the digital customer card in the business plan! [mk_button dimension=”flat” corner_style=”full_rounded” size=”medium” url=”https://appyourself.net/en/pricing/” target=”_blank” align=”center” bg_color=”#FF7800″ btn_hover_bg=”#0050b2″;]Choose business plan[/mk_button][/vc_column_text][/mk_custom_box] Digital loyalty card is now available for your app! Customer cards are a dime a dozen! But most of them languish […]

Mobile Status Quo 2020: in which direction are we moving?

The mobile status quo in 2020 – how does it look like?

Mobile Status Quo: Mobile first determines the lives of all The keyword mobile first could not be more apt in our modern times. Smartphones and apps are increasingly defining our everyday lives. Banking transactions, holiday planning or online shopping – most of the time we do all this with an app. Whether we are sitting […]

Progressive Web Apps: where do they stand compared to native apps in 2020?

The status of Progressive Web Apps in 2020

Review of the status quo in light of Gartner’s prediction that 50% of all customer-centric apps will have been replaced by Progressive Web Apps by 2020 The Year 2015: Birth of Progressive Web Apps 2015 was the year in which the Progressive Web Apps – or PWA for short – were first presented to the […]

Get Your App Developed: 5 Reasons For The App Platform

Individual App Development: Can Be Costly, But Does Not Have To The development of an app does not happen overnight – we all know that. Many questions must be clarified in advance. Which use case should the app serve? What functions and features does it need to do so? For which operating systems should the […]