Coupons in your app: how your customers can support you now

Offer coupons in your app. So your customers can help you now

Vouchers help you and your business

In Germany, some shops are allowed to reopen – provided that they comply with appropriate hygiene regulations and the shop does not exceed 800 square metres. This sounds encouraging, but not all companies or shops can implement these measures and must continue to keep their stores closed. Above all, it affects businesses such as hairdressers, massage and wellness salons, which rely on direct customer and body contact. We would like to show these companies in particular how they can use coupons, for example, to secure at least part of their turnover.

Coupons in the app: buy now and redeem later

I’m sure some of you have already heard. Many companies or institutions, e.g. theatres, ask customers and guests for support. With their help, they hope to ensure their continued existence in the future. In most cases, this involves the purchase of vouchers that can later be redeemed by customers and guests. You can also store vouchers in your app so that your customers can help you now.

Offer vouchers with the shop module

Here helps you e.g. our shop module. In this module you create your vouchers as single articles, e.g. 15 Euro voucher, 25 Euro voucher and 50 Euro voucher. With a push notification or optionally via chat you can make your customers or guests aware of these vouchers and ask them to support you. You can also set a link to the vouchers directly in the message. Your customers or guests can then access the vouchers immediately without having to open your app first. You can find more information about the coupons here.

Create app and defy the crisis

With your own app, you can defy the crisis and make sure your business keeps running. Whether apps, e.g. shop apps or delivery service apps, with which your customers can shop and order from you at any time, or wellness and spa apps, where customers or guests can receive a treatment or massage later – we offer you suitable use cases, modules and workarounds if necessary. If you have any questions about “creating an app”, please feel free to contact our support.



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