Progressive Web Apps: where do they stand compared to native apps in 2020?

The status of Progressive Web Apps in 2020

Review of the status quo in light of Gartner’s prediction that 50% of all customer-centric apps will have been replaced by Progressive Web Apps by 2020 The Year 2015: Birth of Progressive Web Apps 2015 was the year in which the Progressive Web Apps – or PWA for short – were first presented to the […]

Mobile Status Quo 2020: in which direction are we moving?

The mobile status quo in 2020 – how does it look like?

Mobile Status Quo: Mobile first determines the lives of all The keyword mobile first could not be more apt in our modern times. Smartphones and apps are increasingly defining our everyday lives. Banking transactions, holiday planning or online shopping – most of the time we do all this with an app. Whether we are sitting […]

Customer Orientation: Always Have Your Customer In View

Customer orientation is a good start in order get successful

Customer orientation? What exactly is that? Customer orientation means nothing more than regularly monitoring the company, recording and analysing customer wishes and needs as well as expectations. This information helps to implement and systematically improve products and services. The long-term goal of customer orientation is to build and strengthen customer relationships. Consequently, customer-oriented work must […]

Employee App: The Company Intranet Becomes a Mobile App

Employee App is good tool to connect companies and their employees

Employee App: Internal Communication in Change Internal communication within companies is an essential component of a value-oriented and open corporate culture. Many companies use an intranet for this purpose. Often, however, it is only accessible via desktop and less mobile. This is set to change with the advancing digitalization. The solution to this is to […]

Push and pull marketing: so you can use both for your business

Push marketing and pull marketing strategies for your business

Push marketing or pull marketing: what is it? Both (push marketing and pull marketing) are marketing strategies that you can use for your business and your app. Both pursue different approaches and goals. Push Marketing In push marketing, you try to push a product directly to your customers – to draw attention to them. Your […]

Personalization: the guarantee of success for your app

Personalisierung Deiner App für mehr Erfolg

Personalization for customer experience Personalization is a marketing tool. It should enable companies and brands to address app users as personally as possible. Users are sent content and offers that are individually tailored to their needs. For this purpose, the search and usage behavior of the users is used in apps, so that each individual […]

The new AppYourself Update Brings Great Changes for You and Your App

New AppYourself update: your app is ready for 2020

New AppYourself update: faster, more modern and more individual We want you and your users to have the best user experience with our apps. The new AppYourself update, which we rolled out in the middle of the week, will make your app even faster, more modern and more individual. You benefit from the following things: […]

Messenger App: Modern way to communicate with your customers

A messenger apps changes the way we communication to our customers

Messenger App changes the way we communicate Thanks to the Internet, the way we communicate with each other has changed immensely. We simply share photos or videos using a messenger app. In addition, we’re connected to friends and family anytime, anywhere. We don’t just communicate by text, we send emojis, memes or GIFs to underline […]

ASO (App Store Optimization): Strong brand presence in both App Stores

The app icon is for the ASO (App Store Optimization) really important

Let your app stand out from the crowd The app market is highly competitive. Meanwhile there are about two million iOS Apps in the Apple App Store and about 2.5 million Android Apps in the Google Play Store. Many of these apps combine similar features or can be used similarly. Therefore, it is all the […]

Wallet Apps: the smartphone becomes a wallet

Mobile Payment: What is it? Mobile Payment (mobile payment) means nothing else than that you process your payments with your smartphone. You can either pay directly in an online shop via smartphone or you are in a shop directly on the spot – called Point of Sale (POS). But not only for transactions of any […]