Widget as an extension for your own website

By using a widget you make your website smart and more interactive

Widgets? What does it mean? The so-called widgets are interactive elements that appear on a website or on the home screen of the smartphone. This is the difference to an app. An app is a stand-alone program that opens in a new window, whereas the widget is directly integrated into and controlled by its environment. […]

Comparison: Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps

Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps: A Comparison Google has shaken up the app market with the launch of Progressive Web Apps. But how exactly does this new app type differ from the well-known native apps? We would like to explain this in this small comparison and take a look at the differences between native […]

PWA: reaching your customers everywhere

Be represented on all channels with the Progressive Web App Progressive Web Apps are better than native apps when it comes to marketing of your own business and the products and services you offer. In addition to the well-known features such as access to device functions, calling via the mobile browser and sending push messages, […]

Success Story: Trivago relies on Progressive Web Apps

Trivago uses a PWA and is quite successful with it

The hotel search engine Trivago has a goal: to provide every customer – whether business or private – a suitable accommodation. This offers customers the opportunity to quickly find their hotel, regardless of the device and the platform used. According to Trivago, most hotel searches by internet users are now done by smartphone. A promising […]

Progressive Web App: Standard since the beginning at AppYourself

Progressive Web App

Progressive Web Apps – merging Web and App Progressive Web Apps are currently on the go and are developing into a successful mobile trend. As a “sibling” of the native app, they have, besides their simple handling, many functions that will strongly influence the world of apps and app stores in the coming years. We […]