Employee App: The Company Intranet Becomes a Mobile App

Employee App is good tool to connect companies and their employees

Employee App: Internal Communication in Change Internal communication within companies is an essential component of a value-oriented and open corporate culture. Many companies use an intranet for this purpose. Often, however, it is only accessible via desktop and less mobile. This is set to change with the advancing digitalization. The solution to this is to […]

Coupons in your app: how your customers can support you now

Offer coupons in your app. So your customers can help you now

Vouchers help you and your business In Germany, some shops are allowed to reopen – provided that they comply with appropriate hygiene regulations and the shop does not exceed 800 square metres. This sounds encouraging, but not all companies or shops can implement these measures and must continue to keep their stores closed. Above all, […]

Your individual app development with AppYourself

Die individuelle App Entwicklung von AppYourself

Your own app doesn’t have to be expensive The costs for a complete app development can vary greatly – depending on the functionality and scope of the app. But not infrequently you can also expect costs of 20,000 to 50,000 euros. We at AppYourself offer individual app development as a cost-effective alternative for you and […]

Your own appointment app: No more missed appointments for your customers

Customers can book appointments by using your own appointment app

Combine the online appointment booking with your everyday life You can easily integrate your own appointment app into your everyday life, so that the booking is done via the app. This combines your old booking process with something new. You can also use the messenger to coordinate further details for the appointment. For example, you […]

Digital stamp card: you are always on the smartphone of your customers

Shell Scholz is using the digital stamp card for the loyalty program

The digital stamp card for more customer loyalty The stamp card is one of the most popular customer loyalty programs. This is also possible with your own loyalty card app. You can easily couple the digital stamp card with your business and offer different promotions. Whether a free pizza or 15% on the next beauty […]

Comparison: Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps

Native Apps and Progressive Web Apps: A Comparison Google has shaken up the app market with the launch of Progressive Web Apps. But how exactly does this new app type differ from the well-known native apps? We would like to explain this in this small comparison and take a look at the differences between native […]

Widget as an extension for your own website

By using a widget you make your website smart and more interactive

Widgets? What does it mean? The so-called widgets are interactive elements that appear on a website or on the home screen of the smartphone. This is the difference to an app. An app is a stand-alone program that opens in a new window, whereas the widget is directly integrated into and controlled by its environment. […]

Campaigns: Reaching Customers Individually

Our new feature campaigns

Individual campaigns for a targeted approach You want to address your app users and visitors even better and more targeted? And save time as well? This is now possible with our new campaigns feature. You can specify in advance exactly which group of people should receive a particular message. You are thus able to exclude […]

In-App registration for your app per e-mail or Facebook

In-App registration: register once and get started! Now it’s even easier for your customers to connect to your app. The new In-App registration is here! Your customers can choose whether they register via email or Facebook login in your app. This has several advantages for your customers: they do not have to go through the […]

Internal linking in the app: simply connect modules

Internal linking in your app: recipes as a link Let’s imagine the following scenario: You are a master baker and reach a small but fine customer base with your app or PWA. They use your app regularly to get the latest cake recipes and bake them at home. You also offer them to buy the […]