ASO (App Store Optimization): Strong brand presence in both App Stores

The app icon is for the ASO (App Store Optimization) really important

Let your app stand out from the crowd The app market is highly competitive. Meanwhile there are about two million iOS Apps in the Apple App Store and about 2.5 million Android Apps in the Google Play Store. Many of these apps combine similar features or can be used similarly. Therefore, it is all the […]

Crucial Tips to ensure good UX Design for Your App

UX design is essential for the success of your own app

Creating a mobile app is a tricky task – with so many on the market (or app store), you have to make sure that your app works well, looks brilliant, and engages the users. So, you have to consider mobile design. It’s absolutely crucial and makes the world of difference to the overall usability and […]

App Reviews: Why this is Important for You and Your App

After six days apps get deleted- app reviews

How users help you with their app reviews Happy birthday! Your app is live and you can find it in the App Store. Your users are happy with it as well, as the download statistics show. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about your app anymore. You’ll find that sooner or […]

App Monetarization in 2019: 6 ways to show you how!

In-App purchases as a way of app monetarization

Apps as another source of income for companies Over the years, downloads of apps have increased steadily. According to Statista, in 2022 258.2 billion apps will be found on mobile devices worldwide 1. This figure sounds tempting, but high download and user numbers don’t necessarily lead to monetizing apps or, more simply: earning money with […]

Too annoying, too often! To prevent muting a push-notification

Warum Nutzer eine Push-Nachricht stummschalten

At the beginning: A push-notification makes sense… if you know what you’re doing. It’s a great tool for companies to communicate with customers and build long-term relationships. Both under Android and iOS, users want to receive one or two push-notifications. According to the 2018 Accengage study, 91.1% of Android users want to receive notifications, while […]

How A Push Notification Optimizes Your Marketing Strategy

Sending a push notification for different branches

How a push notification boosts your business A Push notification – the small message that appears on your smartphone to tempt users to take a particular action – is a great tool for reaching customers and potential customers. It is also much less expensive than campaigns or promotions on social media. Nowadays, companies have to […]

How companies are successful with their own app

The own company app for more success on the app market

Creating your own company app should be considered Nowadays, companies should consider carefully whether their own app is helpful for the business strategy and the associated goals. Simply creating your own company app and hoping that customers will discover it is the wrong approach. However, as long as apps add value to customers or app […]

Your coupon app for more success on all mobile operating systems

Su aplicación de vales para una mayor fidelización de sus clientes

A coupon app inspires your customers and guests Offers, discounts, coupons – as soon as we see something like this in a supermarket, café or in the beauty and wellness salon, our eyes light up and our inner reward system is beating. You too can sweeten your customers’ and guests’ stay with vouchers. With your […]

Google Play Store offers Space for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

TWA für PWAs, um im Google Play Store veröffentlicht zu werden

Under Chrome 72 PWAs can be developed for the Google Play Store With the new Chrome version 72 it is now possible for developers to develop progressive web apps for the Google Play Store. The Trusted Web Activity (TWA) interface is responsible for this. Two years ago the TWA was presented at the Chrome Dev […]