Digital customer card: customer loyalty simply via app

Die digitale Kundenkarte für noch mehr Kundenbindung via App

Digital loyalty card is now available for your app! Customer cards are a dime a dozen! But most of them languish in the wallet or are simply forgotten! With the digital customer card, this can’t happen! It is on the user’s smartphone and always at hand! With great promotions – linked to the customer card […]

Digitalisation of Gastronomy: How Online Solutions Help Restaurateurs

The stamp card for the digitalisation of the gastronomy

Digitalisation of the gastronomy: now more important than ever! The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the prolonged lockdown. Restaurants are closed until mid-February 21 – whether this will change remains to be seen. As we all know, hope dies last. We also like to eat out and don’t want to see any restaurants […]

EU-US Data Privacy Shield: ECJ Declares Agreement as Invalid

The ECJ declares the EU-US Data Privacy Shield as invalid

The European Court of Justice has overturned the EU-US Data Privacy Shield. What are the implications for businesses? ECJ: EU-US Data Privacy Shield is Ineffective The ECJ (European Court of Justice) ruling breaks up an agreement between the EU and the US on the transfer, storage and processing of EU user data. The so-called EU-US […]

Push and pull marketing: so you can use both for your business

Push marketing and pull marketing strategies for your business

Push marketing or pull marketing: what is it? Both (push marketing and pull marketing) are marketing strategies that you can use for your business and your app. Both pursue different approaches and goals. Push Marketing In push marketing, you try to push a product directly to your customers – to draw attention to them. Your […]

With your DJ app you are even closer to your fans

With your own DJ app you can be booked for events

Your own DJ app for more popularity in the scene As a DJ you need to glide from one gig to the next. So that your own music becomes better known after every new gig and you are lucky enough to be booked for more events. To make this easier for you and to make […]

That’s beautiful! Inspire your customers with a beautiful app design!

Comparación entre dos hermosos diseños de aplicaciones

Beautiful app design: what suits you? This is certainly one of the first questions when it comes to creating your own app. What should it look like and which design best represents your company? It is important to keep in mind that the app design must not only please you, but also your customers. After […]

How you can easily promote your own app and make it even more popular

La promoción de la aplicación comienza con la creación de la aplicación

Create and then promoting your app? Many small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) do not have the budget to have an app developed externally by an agency or a software house. For this reason, they opt for an app maker that enables them to create their own app at low cost. However, many companies assume that […]

With your own Shopping App your customers simply buy directly in your App

Beispiel Apps für eine Lieferservice App

Shopping Experience with your own App In 2018, shopping apps accounted for 70% of e-commerce transactions in North America. This proves that shopping apps are very popular with many users. You too can join this enthusiasm and offer your products and services in your own shopping app. It doesn’t matter whether you own a restaurant, […]

What happens to my app after the test phase?

You have reached the end of the test phase? What to do now? After the trial period your app will be deleted if you have not booked an app plan (Starter, Premium or Enterprise).

Your own hotel booking app will advance your hotel business

Own hotel booking app using for offers and the digital stamp card

Your own hotel booking app simplifies the booking process As a hotel owner, it is important to you that guests regularly book a room with you. The hotel booking should be as easy as possible. Your own hotel booking app will help you. You don’t have to do without your previous booking process. Simply combine […]