Your own table reservation app makes your daily work easier

Combine your own table reservation app with your stamp card and news center

Search online for free tables: Your own table reservation app makes it possible Many of your guests now use their mobile phones when booking an appointment or making a purchase. Make it easier for your guests to reserve a table in your restaurant, bar or café. With your own table reservation app! No matter where […]

Facebook’s PWA: Test phase for mobile website has begun

Facebook's PWA is still in testing

Facebook’s PWA is being rolled out There are times when you want to install an app on your phone and then again moments when you want to quickly visit the mobile website without going to the App Store and installing the app. Maybe it’s the same with Facebook? Facebook has now reacted and – after Instagram […]

Our mobile dashboard: chat quickly with customers and send offers

Our mobile dashboard: all your customers on your smartphone You want to manage and communicate with your customers quickly and easily – even when you’re not in your business? This is exactly where we come in. With our mobile dashboard, we offer you just that: CRM and messaging. We have adapted our already known

Apple and AppYourself: Focus on App Quality

The Quality of Apps is an important aspect for Apple and AppYourself

Apple’s demands on quality and added value At the end of last year, Apple stopped submitting apps to the App Store created using an online platform. The company cited its 4.2.6 policy, which was designed to address useless apps such as copycats and spam apps that had no added value, little functionality or interactivity. To […]

Chat Widget & Website: Customer Contact Made Easy

Use the chat widget to get in touch with your customers and users

The chat widget to chat on your own website Your own website as a figurehead is an ideal way to present the company and the people behind it. But your customers want more than just looking around the website. They want to talk to you and tell you questions or problems. Imagine the following scenario: […]

The user limit: meaning for your app plans

The user limit of our app plans

The user limit for all app plans The three plans Smart, Business and Enterprise have another component: the user limit. Each of these plans has a different number of active users. For a better overview we present the plans again: Maximum number of active users per package Smart: up to 2,000 active users Business: up […]

Importance of the HTTPS protocol for your website

The importance of the HTTPS protocol for your website

Maybe one or the other has noticed it before. When a website is called, a note is displayed at the top of the address bar that identifies the website as secure. This is the case if the URL of the website includes the HTTPS protocol. But what is HTTPS and how does this labeling affect a […]

Smart Widget: your own website as an app

The smart widget of AppYourself for your website

Smart Widget: your own website as an app A company already has a website and would like to make loyal customers from anonymous site visitors? No problem, with the Smart Widget from AppYourself, smartphone users are automatically redirected to the apps – whether native or Progressive Web App. Simplified: the apps are integrated into their […]

Your Barber App – schedule outages “goodbye”

Appointment noted, but nobody is there? You might know it too: Your calendar announces the next customer – to dye hair. You already prepared everything you need for this job. But he makes you wait. A few minutes later, you realize, that your customer forgot about the date. But you can do something against it – with your own […]

The FanCard from SAMFORCITY: App Customizing as a Success Story


How SAMFORCITY implemented the FanCard as an individual App Customizing with AppYourself Former professional footballer Marius Sowislo founded an interactive sports network called SAMFORCITY in 2014. The aim is to enable competitive athletes, fans, clubs and business partners to network and support each other. With the help of the FanCard – a membership card – […]