Progressive Web Apps: where do they stand compared to native apps in 2020?

The status of Progressive Web Apps in 2020

Review of the status quo in light of Gartner’s prediction that 50% of all customer-centric apps will have been replaced by Progressive Web Apps by 2020 The Year 2015: Birth of Progressive Web Apps 2015 was the year in which the Progressive Web Apps – or PWA for short – were first presented to the […]

Under Google Chrome 76: Even easier installation of PWAs on the desktop

Einfachere Installation von Progressive Web Apps unter Chrome 76

With Google Chrome 76 there is a new install prompt for PWAs Google spares no effort to provide users of a desktop PWA with the optimal user experience. At the Google I/O it was announced that there will be a new install prompt for PWAs in the Google Chrome 76 version. This feature will be […]

PWAs under iOS 12.2: Apple now also adds more features to Progressive Web Apps

New Beta Version Causes Excitement This week, a groan went through the ranks of many developers. Apple surprised with the release of the iOS 12.2 Beta 1 version and its new improvements regarding Progressive Web Apps. Yes, read correctly! The company from Cupertino has decided to equip the new iOS version with some long-awaited PWA […]

Google Play Store offers Space for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs)

TWA für PWAs, um im Google Play Store veröffentlicht zu werden

Under Chrome 72 PWAs can be developed for the Google Play Store With the new Chrome version 72 it is now possible for developers to develop progressive web apps for the Google Play Store. The Trusted Web Activity (TWA) interface is responsible for this. Two years ago the TWA was presented at the Chrome Dev […]

Are Progressive Web Apps the Better Websites for SEO?

Progressive Web Apps y SEO: explicamos si hay una conexión.

Do PWAs lead to better SEO results? Want to create a PWA instead of a native app? But what about a Progressive Web App with search engine optimization (SEO)? There is some uncertainty as to how far PWAs benefit from SEO or whether they even achieve better SEO results than normal websites. How Progressive Web […]

On Google Chrome 70, PWAs are enabled by default on the desktop

PWA sind unter Google Chrome 70 jetzt standardmäßig aktiviert

With the new version of the Google Chrome 70 browser, Progressive Web Apps for the desktop are now enabled by default. While PWAs were already available on your smartphone, Google has now taken the step for desktop users. Once you visit a website from your PC, it’s easy to find out whether it’s a PWA […]

Messages from Google is now also available as a PWA on the desktop

Now you can use the Google Messenger as a PWA on your desktop

Google Messages now moves to the desktop Ever heard of Google messages? This is Google’s messaging app that lets you send SMS and MMS messages from your smartphone. You can also chat with your friends and family as you would with other messaging services. Previously available as a native app on the Google Play Store, […]

Why Companies Should Invest in Progressive Web Apps (PWA)

Wie bedeutungsvoll Progressive Web Apps (PWA) für Unternehmen sind

Being mobile is becoming more and more important It was expected that in 2018 five billion people worldwide will already be using a mobile device to access the Internet. This prediction was proven in the statistics which was published in the Global Digital Report 2018 by We are Social and Hootsuite. Smartphone use in particular […]

iOS supports Progressive Web Apps from version 11.3?

iOS supports progressive web apps but with some limitations

iOS supports Progressive Web Apps: Fact or dream? iOS supports progressive web apps. Apple has now announced that PWAs will be running under the new iOS version 11.3. The Safari browser 11.1 included in this release now also supports Service Workers. These allow PWAs to run JavaScript in the background, even if they have not […]