Messenger App: Modern way to communicate with your customers

A messenger apps changes the way we communication to our customers

Messenger App changes the way we communicate Thanks to the Internet, the way we communicate with each other has changed immensely. We simply share photos or videos using a messenger app. In addition, we’re connected to friends and family anytime, anywhere. We don’t just communicate by text, we send emojis, memes or GIFs to underline […]

Wallet Apps: the smartphone becomes a wallet

Mobile Payment: What is it? Mobile Payment (mobile payment) means nothing else than that you process your payments with your smartphone. You can either pay directly in an online shop via smartphone or you are in a shop directly on the spot – called Point of Sale (POS). But not only for transactions of any […]

App Reviews: Why this is Important for You and Your App

After six days apps get deleted- app reviews

How users help you with their app reviews Happy birthday! Your app is live and you can find it in the App Store. Your users are happy with it as well, as the download statistics show. But that doesn’t mean that you don’t have to worry about your app anymore. You’ll find that sooner or […]

App Monetarization in 2019: 6 ways to show you how!

In-App purchases as a way of app monetarization

Apps as another source of income for companies Over the years, downloads of apps have increased steadily. According to Statista, in 2022 258.2 billion apps will be found on mobile devices worldwide 1. This figure sounds tempting, but high download and user numbers don’t necessarily lead to monetizing apps or, more simply: earning money with […]

Too annoying, too often! To prevent muting a push-notification

Warum Nutzer eine Push-Nachricht stummschalten

At the beginning: A push-notification makes sense… if you know what you’re doing. It’s a great tool for companies to communicate with customers and build long-term relationships. Both under Android and iOS, users want to receive one or two push-notifications. According to the 2018 Accengage study, 91.1% of Android users want to receive notifications, while […]

User profiles help you learn more about your customers

User profiles for a better understand of your customers

User profiles to better understand your customers To ensure your success in the long run, it is important that you understand the needs of your customers. The better you succeed, the more individually you can reach your customers and intensify the customer relationship. For your customers, this means that they only receive information from you […]

Fast mobile websites still scarce in Germany

The ranking shows Germany is in the middle filed of fast mobile websites

Three become one – users jump off faster It’s no secret that many users leave mobile websites quickly when their loading time exceeds the hardwearing limit. Until now: users jump off the website when it takes more than three seconds to load. Now that has changed, according to Think with Google DE* users seem even […]

Under Google Chrome 76: Even easier installation of PWAs on the desktop

Einfachere Installation von Progressive Web Apps unter Chrome 76

With Google Chrome 76 there is a new install prompt for PWAs Google spares no effort to provide users of a desktop PWA with the optimal user experience. At the Google I/O it was announced that there will be a new install prompt for PWAs in the Google Chrome 76 version. This feature will be […]

Are Progressive Web Apps the Better Websites for SEO?

Progressive Web Apps y SEO: explicamos si hay una conexión.

Do PWAs lead to better SEO results? Want to create a PWA instead of a native app? But what about a Progressive Web App with search engine optimization (SEO)? There is some uncertainty as to how far PWAs benefit from SEO or whether they even achieve better SEO results than normal websites. How Progressive Web […]